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Flightscope Mevo+

What features are included?

It is a Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator in one. Portable enough for the range or course, and versatile enough to setup as a professional golf simulator. The FS Golf and FS Skills apps automatically sync to the free online MyFlightScope account, and

What data does the Mevo+ measure?

FlightScope Mevo+ is capable of measuring 16 swing and ball data parameters. With all this data at your fingertips, you will be able to pinpoint exactly what is causing your errant shots. Make swing changes and monitor the results in real-time.

How much space does the Mevo+ require?

TGC2019 on Mevo+

Mevo+ Compatibility

Mevo+ combines the power of Mevo with additional data, features, games, and simulation capability. Mevo+ includes all Mevo features plus:. FS Golf & FS Skills App:. Included e6 Connect 5-Course Simulator Bundle:

Software inclusions

I’ve received my FlightScope Mevo+

You’ve finally got your hands on your Mevo+! As excited as you may be to start using your new launch monitor, it’s very important to firstly fully charge your Mevo+ before using it the first time. Each Mevo+ has a partial charge from the factory, but

Mevo+ Setup Check List

Here’s a check list to properly setup the various apps and accounts before connecting to your Mevo+:. 1) Download the FS Golf App & FS Skills in the App Store or Google Play Store. 2) Open the FS Golf App and click “Create New Account” in the bottom

Turning on & connecting to your Mevo+

To turn your Mevo+ on, Press & Hold the silver button located on top of the device for approximately 2 seconds until the blue light illuminates on the device. Your Mevo+ will take approximately 10 seconds or 7 brief “beeps” to boot up. Once boot up i

Setting Up & Aligning Your Mevo+

The accuracy of your Mevo+ relies completely on properly setting it up. Using the FS Golf App, follow the below instructions to properly setup your Mevo+ for use with FS Golf and simulation software. 1) Place a golf ball in the position you will hit

How do I setup FS Golf app

1) Click here to Connect & Setup Mevo+. 2) Click “Start New Session”. Confirm the settings under “Radar Mode And Alignment” are correct”. 3) Under “Session Settings” you can choose to change the name of the session, or leave as is (default is date an

How do I setup FS Skills app

1) Connect & Setup Mevo+. 2) Select the skill session you wish to complete. Select your account under the “All Players” list, or click the “Add New” button and enter the new player’s details as listed. 3) Uploading data to MyFlightScope online. After

How do I setup e6 Connect app

1) Setup your e6 Connect software. 2) To properly align your Mevo+ I strongly recommend using the FS Golf app, following the steps 1 thru 7 in section 2.3. Change tilt to 12* for simulation play. IMPORTANT: ONCE YOU’VE COMPLETED ALIGNMENT IN FS GOLF,


Connecting Mevo+ & adjusting settings. 1) Connect your Mevo+ to your Computer via WiFi. 2) Open the “FlightScope TGC Interface”. 3) Your Mevo+ should appear in the black “Selected Device” box. 4) Click “Connect”. 5) Once connected the “Connection Sta

Troubleshooting your Mevo+

1) My Mevo+ isn’t picking up any shots?. This could be due to several reasons, and is most likely due to setup:. - Mevo+ may not be setup correctly with the correct shot mode (Short Indoor when Outdoor or visa versa), distance to tee or tee height. -

Facebook User Group

We have setup an online Facebook community for Mevo+ users around the world to share stories and help each other out. Please join our community at the following link https://www.facebook.com/groups/flightscopemevoplus/

What simulation software is FlightScope Mevo+ integrated with?

FlightScope Mevo+ integrates with many top simulator software packages, including TruGolf e6 Connect, TGC2019 & Creative Golf 3D. As standard, Mevo+ includes a lifetime 5 course iOS subscription free of charge. For a proper simulator setup we strongl

Does Mevo+ have its own power source?

Yes. The battery life is up to two hours on a full charge, and up to 1.5 hours in simulator play. Mevo+ can also be used whilst plugged in

What reports are able to be produced using Mevo+ that can be sent to the client via email? Is there an option to be able to create customised reports that will generate an analysis that can be sent onto a client for feedback?

Both the FS Golf & FS Skills app connect directly to the MyFlightScope.com cloud based system. Data from each session is pushed to the cloud for further review. By adding a new "Player" to a session, the core user can share session data with a friend

Is Mevo+ able to record any data if used for putting analysis on putts of different lengths and if so, what data is able to be measured?

Mevo+ includes a putting option for simulator play only. e6 Connect, TGC2019 and Creative Golf 3D include a practice putting green, but we do not recommend Mevo+ for meaningful putting practice.

How accurate is Mevo+?

The doppler radar-based systems like Flightscope have proven to be the most accurate of all golf simulators. We have extensively tested Flightscope and can testify that it is one of the most accurate simulators on the market. Radar technology does no

Do you need metal dots on the ball for Mevo+?

Yes, metallic stickers are recommended to accurately measure spin indoors as ball flight is limited. Stickers are not required during outdoor use.

Is there the option on Mevo+ to be able to select the type of golf balls used during lesson (i.e. actual golf balls or if giving lessons at a driving range where the 80% or 90% of distance balls are used) for more accurate feedback?

Mevo+ allows you to record the type of ball you use during the session, however this has no impact on the data recorded.

What is the best way to display Mevo+ to TV?

For FS Golf, FS Skills and the included iOS e6 Connect softwares, a HDMI converter is required to connect your device to a TV.

Can I use Mevo+ indoors and outdoors?

Yes, Mevo+ can be used indoors and outdoors.

What are the ongoing costs for Mevo+?

There are no ongoing costs with Mevo+

What does the data look like on Mevo+?

Check out the video at the following link https://24-7.golf/product/flightscope-mevo-plus/

Can I convert speed and distance from kilometers to miles, and meters to yards?

Yes, you can choose between metric, imperial or scientific units in the settings in your app.

Does FlightScope Mevo+ take the elevation level into consideration with the data provided in terms the distance the ball carries?

In outdoor mode Mevo+ tracks the ball for approximately 50m, then calculates the rest of the data based on the first 50m sample size. Elevation changes have no impact on the Mevo+ data. Mevo+ will record data based on a flat and level surface.

Where do I putt from with Mevo+?

Here is a visual example of where to putt the ball from with a Mevo+.

What extra data does the Mevo+ Pro Package give?

An add-on option to the award winning Mevo+ that gives access to more data parameters, including the complete d-plane dataset. Powered by FlightScope's patented Fusion Tracking technology - a unique combination of 3D Doppler tracking radar and synchr