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How do I setup FS Golf appUpdated 2 years ago

1) Click here to Connect & Setup Mevo+ 

2) Click “Start New Session”. Confirm the settings under “Radar Mode And Alignment” are correct” 

3) Under “Session Settings” you can choose to change the name of the session, or leave as is (default is date and time). 

4) If you’re conducting a session, club fit or bag mapping for a person other than yourself, click “Players”, then “Add Player”, and enter the details listed. Doing so will setup a free MyFlightScope account for the new player, as well as share their data for this session with both yourself and the new player. If the player is a returning user, you can select their name from the Player List. 

5) Select “Equipment”. A list of generic clubs will appear. You can either pre-enter the complete list of your customised club information prior to the session, or enter the first club, then enter each subsequent club during the session. Click “Add New Club”. Select “Club Type” and “Manufacturer”. Under “Club Name” enter the club model (e.g P790), club type (e.g 4 Iron) & shaft (e.g C-Taper Lite 115x), then click “Add”. Find the club you wish to hit first in the club list, select it, then click the back arrow in the top left corner. You can complete a similar process for ball, but note this will not have an affect on the data shown, rather it is just a record of what ball was used. Click the back arrow in the top left corner. 

6) For “Short Indoor” or “Indoor” Mode, skip to part 7. For “Outdoor Mode” weather conditions can be recorded as part of your session results. Weather settings do not affect Mevo+ data. NOTE: If you have already connected your device to Mevo+ you will not be connected to the internet, meaning a Warning will appear under “Weather” because your device cannot connect to the internet to gather weather data. You can either connect back to the internet, or ignore the warning. Weather does not manipulate the data within FS Golf. Click the back arrow in the top left corner. 

7) Select the camera you’d like to use to record your swing. Generally speaking, rear cameras can record both slow mo and normal, whereas front cameras generally can only record normal.

8) Click “Start New Session”. For “Short Indoor” or “Indoor” Mode, skip to part 10. For “Outdoor Mode” a warning will appear regarding weather conditions and no internet connection. Click “Use Standard Sea Level”. 

9) Click “Start Session”. A compass will appear on your screen. The compass reading is coming from your phone/tablet. Standing next to your Mevo+ with your phone/ tablet, hold your device so that blue arrow is facing towards your target, then click “Confirm” 

10) By default, the recording function of FS Golf will open at the start of a session. Click the “Club” button to select or change the club you are hitting. You can add clubs in this section. Follow instructions outlined in step 5. Same goes for “Ball” 

11) Click the “Player” button, then select “Edit List” to change or add players to the session. 

12) To the left of the “Ready” button in the top right hand corner there is a button with four squares. Click the “Four Squares” to change mode. 

13) When the Mevo+ is ready, the green “Ready” button will appear in the top right hand corner, your device may say “Ready” and the status light on the Mevo+ (second from the left) will turn red. 

14) To delete a shot during a session, click the “More” button, then “Remove” 

15) Club Fitting and Bag Mapping instructions. Once you have finished hitting your first club, click the “Club” button and select the next club you wish to hit. Complete this step for every club as part of the fitting session/bag mapping session. 

16) Click the “Four Squares” logo, select “Top View”. The dispersion chart for the club selected will appear on your screen. Click the Single Circle with multiple dots logo. This will show you the dispersion for one single club. Click the Multiple Circle with Multiple dots logo. This will show the dispersion for each club hit during the session, along with a colour code list along the top of the dispersion chart identifying each club. 

17) Uploading data to MyFlightScope online. After finishing your session, click the home button of your device to return to the main screen of your phone, and disconnect your phone/tablet from the Mevo+ and back to Wifi/mobile data. If you have added a player who previously has not had a MyFlightScope account, they will receive an email to confirm creation of their account at this time. 

18) Return to the main menu of FS Golf where your sessions are listed, and leave the screen open for 1-5minutes. The session data will automatically upload to MyFlightScope online for review. Once uploaded, a green cloud icon will appear on the right hand side of the session. If multiple players have participated in the session, the core user (owner) will be able to view the data for each player. Each individual player will be able to view their own session data in their MyFlightScope Account. Players should receive an email when the new session data is uploaded

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