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How do I setup e6 Connect appUpdated 2 years ago

1) Setup your e6 Connect software

2) To properly align your Mevo+ I strongly recommend using the FS Golf app, following the steps 1 thru 7 in section 2.3. Change tilt to 12* for simulation play. IMPORTANT: ONCE YOU’VE COMPLETED ALIGNMENT IN FS GOLF, COMPLETELY CLOSE THE FS GOLF APP. HAVING MULTIPLE APPS CONNECTED TO THE MEVO+ AT THE SAME TIME WILL CAUSE THE MEVO+ NOT TO WORK. 

3) BEFORE CONNECTING YOUR iPhone/ iPad to your Mevo+, open the e6 Connect app when connected to the internet. 

4) Click “Profiles” then “Log In” and sign into your e6 Connect account using the login details you setup in section 2.1 step 4. Once successfully logged in, your e6 Connect username will appear under “Roster”. Click Next 

5) Click the home button of your iPhone/iPad to return to the home screen of your iPhone/iPad. Go to settings, and connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mevo+.

6) Return to the e6 Connect App. Click the blue “Cogs” logo in the bottom right. 

7) Click the “Simulator” button”, then “Tracking System”, then select “FlightScope” and click “Configure” 

8) The Mevo+ should connect automatically, and the dot next to “Mevo+” should turn green, with “1 Devices Detected” to the right. 

9) On the right hand side of the screen your Mevo+ details should be displayed 

10) Adjust the “Sensor To Tee Distance” to suit your setup, and change the Mode to suit. Refer to section 2.3 step 8 for mode selection instructions. 

11) Click the Align Camera button to confirm the alignment you completed in step 1. 

12) Click “Accept” to complete the setup. Go thru the “Golf Settings”, “Environment” and “System Config” settings and adjust to suit. Click “Accept” once done 

13) For those who have a simulator and projector setup where the ball is offset from centre, the onscreen ball/tee position can be adjusted in the “Simulator” “Projection Dimensions” “Tee Position” section. 

14) Choose your mode of game play and away you go!

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