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How do I setup FS Skills appUpdated 2 years ago

1) Connect & Setup Mevo+  

2) Select the skill session you wish to complete. Select your account under the “All Players” list, or click the “Add New” button and enter the new player’s details as listed. 

3) Uploading data to MyFlightScope online. After finishing your session, click the home button of your device to return to the main screen of your phone, and disconnect your phone/tablet from the Mevo+ and back to Wifi/ mobile data. If you have added a player who previously has not had a MyFlightScope account, they will receive an email to confirm creation of their account at this time. 

4) Return to the main menu of FS Skills app where the “Skills Assessment” and “Settings” buttons are displayed. Leave the screen open for 1-5minutes. The session data will automatically upload to MyFlightScope online for review 

5) Once your FS Skills sessions are uploaded to MyFlightScope you can review each session and each shot from each session. Certain Skills sessions have online live leaderboards for you to complete against other FlightScope users worldwide

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