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TGC2019Updated 2 years ago

Connecting Mevo+ & adjusting settings 

1) Connect your Mevo+ to your Computer via WiFi 

2) Open the “FlightScope TGC Interface” 

3) Your Mevo+ should appear in the black “Selected Device” box 

4) Click “Connect” 

5) Once connected the “Connection Status” should changed to “Connected” and the “Battery Level” should should the exact battery percentage 

6) To properly align your Mevo+ for TGC2019, place a ball in the hitting position on your mat, then place a golf club vertically on your screen at the point where you expect a normal straight shot to make impact. Click the Camera Alignment button and physically move the Mevo+ until the ball and vertical club are aligned with the line on the screen. Close the camera view in the top right hand corner. 

7) Click “Settings” on the left hand side. 

8) Regarding tilt, whilst 12* is the recommended tilt for simulation play, I have found 16-17* works best for me in my simulator setup. Some customers have found 12* works best for them. I recommend setting up at 16* to begin with, and slightly adjust your tilt during the round if you find numbers to be consistently off. At 12* I have found driver launch to be too high. The current tilt angle can be found in the settings section of the TGC Interface 

9) Under Processors mode change to “Short Indoor” assuming you’re using TGC2019 indoors in a simulator studio setup 

10) We recommend adjusting the “Fastputting distance threshold” to around 5-7m. Fastputting is essentially a putting boost mode for longer putts. If you change the threshold to 7m for example, any putt over 7m will require proportionally less effort. You can play around with this setting yourself to see what suits you best 

11) Altitude above sea level shouldn’t need to be adjusted unless it is showing an extremely high or low setting. You can always change it to “0”. 

12) Change “Insert distance to tee” distance to that of your setup. 


14) Click the “Start” button on the left hand side, then click “Launch TGC”. This will open the TGC Simulator Console 

15) Click the “Settings” button, which will open up a notes document. IMPORTANT: TAKE A PHOTO ON YOUR PHONE OF THE DEFAULT SETTINGS SHOWN 

16) This settings section allows you to tweak your game settings. You can play around with these settings to dial in your setup, but as I’ve mentioned in step 15, take a photo of the default settings. 

17) Under “Course Configuration” you can adjust the green characteristics, which has a significant effect on putting. There is also an individual course green adjustment in the game, but I have found adjusting these overall settings very useful in dialing in your simulator setup. It is very much a situation of trial and error 

18) Scroll down to the “FlightScope” section. In this section, you can tune the distance of various clubs but adjusting the boost. This is again a situation of trial and error. 

19) IMPORTANT: Once you have made the desired adjustments, CLICK FILE > SAVE. 

20) Click “Start Game” then “Start The Golf Club 2019”

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