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Troubleshooting your Mevo+Updated 2 years ago

1) My Mevo+ isn’t picking up any shots? 

This could be due to several reasons, and is most likely due to setup: 

- Mevo+ may not be setup correctly with the correct shot mode (Short Indoor when Outdoor or visa versa), distance to tee or tee height. 

- You may have Mevo+ connected to either more than one device at one time (computer and phone) or more than one app at once. Disconnect the device and/or close the second app - In FS Golf if you are reviewing a previous shot other than the most recent shot the Mevo+ will disarm. Scroll back to the most recent shot to re-arm 

- Your simulator environment may contain items interfering with Mevo+. This includes fluorescent lighting, fans, air conditioners, computers, TVs, excessive metal surfaces, power surge protectors, transformers etc. Remove any item that may cause interference and setup your Mevo+ once again. If problems persist, 24/7 can conduct remote access to test your simulator environment with proprietary FlightScope software pending you have a PC with an internet connection and a secondary connection via WiFi to Mevo+ 

2) My Mevo+ is showing results that are launching too high/low or going too far/short. 

This generally is due to incorrect setup, or an unsuitable tilt angle. Whilst the recommended tilt angle is 18* for FS Golf & FS Skills, and 12* for simulation, our extensive research has shown that adjusting the tilt outside of the recommended settings resolves launch and distance discrepancies. I’d highly recommend conducting your own tilt tests and adjustments to suit your own environment. As outlined in our TGC2019 section, you can adjust boost for each club 

3) I’m having issues with putting, what can I do to improve the PUTTING experience?

We’ve conducted extensive very short putting tests and short chipping tests with Mevo+ using e6 Connect and TGC2019. Here are some points and tips: - Use a ball without a metal dot. I generally like using a yellow ball, as it’s easy to distinguish which ball I should use to putt. - For putting to work, the surface from where you putt from, to your screen, must be flat and level. More often than not, most will be hitting from an expensive driving range style mat, with a cheaper artificial turf product between mat the screen. Bobbles created by high carpet pile, or an uneven join, will affect putter reads, regardless how small the bobble is. Make sure the join between hitting mat and artificial turf is as flat and connected as possible - For right handed golfers, we’ve found putting from a position approximately 15cm closer to you than your wood/iron hitting position, and 30cm back towards the Mevo+ works best. This may differ from setup to setup. I highly recommend playing around with the location in your setup

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