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TGC 2019

How do I access the full library of courses?

1) TGC2019 includes an unmatched library of courses from around the world. To access the entire library, an active internet connection is required, and a separate WiFi connection is needed to connect the computer to the Mevo+. 2) Users have two optio

How do I customise course setup & conditions?

1) Once you’ve selected your course, click “Change Course Conditions”. 2) We recommend changing “Green Speed” to “Very Slow to Moderate”. 3) We strongly recommend changing “Green Firmness” to “Very Soft”. 4) Click “Done”. 5) Click “Change Custom Rule

Keyboard Shortcuts & Tips

24/7 Golf TGC 2019 Game Play Tips. 1) To change your putting or chipping location in “Chipping Practice” or “Putting Practice”, press “E” on the keyboard and use your mouse to move location. Unfortunately the only view available is a “satellite” type

Installation Guide (Mevo+)

Congratulations on your purchase of TGC2019 for your FlightScope launch monitor!. Your TGC2019 Activation Code is located in the setup email sent by 24/7 Golf. Treat this code like cash until redeemed. Installation instructions can be found at the li

Australian Facebook User Group

We have also setup a TGC2019 Australian users forum https://www.facebook.com/groups/tgc2019sim/

What is The Golf Club 2019 (TGC 2019)?

TGC2019 is the most popular golf simulator software available for Skytrak & FlightScope Mevo+. TGC2019 includes over 150,000 real life courses from around the world, combined with 4k graphics, and the ability to play head to head against other users