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Installation Guide (Mevo+)Updated 2 years ago

Congratulations on your purchase of TGC2019 for your FlightScope launch monitor!

Your TGC2019 Activation Code is located in the setup email sent by 24/7 Golf. Treat this code like cash until redeemed.

Installation instructions can be found at the link below. It is imperative you follow the instructions very carefully:


The download link for the latest version of TGC2019 is below:


Please note that the download is over 7 GB in size which might take some time to download depending on your internet speed. Where possible, I highly recommend you connect your computer directly to your internet router via cable to significantly increase your download speed. I also recommend that if you’re using a laptop to keep it plugged in for the entire installation, and you turn off the “sleep settings” to avoid download and installation interruptions

After installation you need to request a license key. Keep in mind that the software producer are in a different time zone (Amsterdam, CET), so your license key may not be sent immediately. Please allow up to 24 hours to process your license request. If you do not receive your license key within 24 hours, please check your SPAM folders.

Request your license key using this registration form:


To access the full library of over 150,000 TGC2019 courses you need to have two connections from your computer; a WiFi connection from your computer to the Mevo+, and a second separate connection from your computer to the internet. This second connection can either be via cable directly to your internet router, or over WiFi via a second wireless card. A quick and easy solution is a USB WiFi card that can be purchased on eBay or at your local JB HiFi/Computer Store for $30-$70. PLEASE NOTE THE WIFI CARD MUST BE DUAL BAND 2.4GHZ/5GHZ.

If you have any issues whatsoever, email [email protected] (US) or [email protected] (AUS)

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