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How do I access the full library of courses?Updated 2 years ago

1) TGC2019 includes an unmatched library of courses from around the world. To access the entire library, an active internet connection is required, and a separate WiFi connection is needed to connect the computer to the Mevo+. 

2) Users have two options: a) Connect their computer directly to their router via cable to access the internet, and connect their computer to the Mevo+ via WiFi, or b) Connect the computer to the internet via WiFi, and purchase a secondary dual band USB WiFi card to connection the computer to Mevo+ via WiFI. IMPORTANT: MEVO+ works via 5GHZ WiFi, so it’s important you’re using a dual band WiFi device. For the secondary WiFi option, I have used both $20 eBay specials, and brand name products purchased from reputable retailers. Both work fine 

3) Prior to opening TGC2019, properly setup and align your Mevo+ as set out in section 4.1. Disconnect Mevo+ from your Phone/Tablet, then connect to your computer. Make sure once your computer is connected via WiFi to Mevo+ that you open your internet browser and check you’re still connected to the internet by opening any website 

4) There is a comprehensive list of courses available on TGC2019 at https:// tgccourses.com/ and https://www.tgctours.com/Course/TGC2019Listings 

5) Once you’ve properly setup Mevo+, connect your computer to Mevo+ and the internet simultaneously, and launched TGC2019, click “Local Match” 

6) Click “Change Course”, then “More Filters”. 

7) “Trending” will display the most popular recently played courses 

8) “Highly Rated” will display the highest rated courses 

9) “HCP Rated” will display the most difficult courses that have been rated 

10) “My Favourites” will show courses you’ve added to your favourites 

11) In the “Search” function, type the name of the course you want to play. The two above websites have a comprehensive list of the name of courses. Some course names are different to real life. 

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