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Rapsodo MLM2 Pro Video Resources.

Video Resources - All you need to know about Rapsodo MLM2 Pro

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What are the features of the MLM2PRO?

What are the features of the MLM2PRO?

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What metrics are available on the MLM2PRO?

Carry Distance Total Distance Club Speed Ball Speed Smash Factor Launch Angle Launch Direction Side Carry Apex Shot Type Descent Angle Spin Axis Back Spin

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How is spin rate and spin axis measured?

Through our partnership with Callaway, we are using specially engineered balls using Callaway’s Truvis Technology and Rapsodo patented RPT (Rapsodo Precision Technology) pattern where we can measure spin and spin axis hyper accurately.

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Rapsodo MLM2 Pro Environment Setup

Everything related to setting up your golf simulator environment

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MLM2 Battery

The battery life of the MLM2PRO is around 4-hours.

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Guide to LED lights on the MLM2PRO?

Please see below what each color of led light means: Red: The device is powered on, but not connected to the MLM2PRO app. Flashing Blue: The device is trying to connect. Blue: The device is connected, or a shot is processing. Flashing Green: The dev

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Can I use the MLM2PRO with speed training?

No, the MLM2PRO will only give data when a ball is struck.

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Rapsodo MLM2P Pro Software and Related Devices/Accessories

Devices Supported, Software Compatible, Etc.

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Rapsodo MLM2 Pro and Projection

Anything related to Projection

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Rapsodo MLM2 Pro Limited Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty and Return

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