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Rapsodo MLM2P Pro Software and Related Devices/Accessories

Devices Supported, Software Compatible, Etc.

Do I need to have an internet connection to use the MLM2PRO?

You will need an internet connection (or data) when creating your account or logging in. You will also need internet or data in order to use simulation or get Insights and Combine reports.

Is there an output cable on the MLM2PRO?

No, there is no output cable on the MLM2PRO.

What is included in the MLM2Pro Premium Membership? (Subscription)

MLM2Pro Premium Membership enhances both player enjoyment and performance. With MLM2Pro Premium Membership golfers who use their MLM2Pro have access to thousands of golf courses all over the world through Rapsodo Simulation. Additionally, golfers foc

Will MLM2PRO require a membership?

No, MLM2PRO does not require a subscription. However, having an MLM2PRO Premium Membership significantly enhances the user experience with access to thousands of simulation golf courses, training platforms and more. The first year of MLM2PRO Premium

Can I use the MLM2PRO without a membership?

Yes! The MLM2PRO can be used without the membership. You will have access to the features listed below without the membership.Carry, total, ball speed, club speed, launch angle, launch direction, descent angle, apex, shot type, side carry, smash fact

Does the MLM2PRO integrate with other simulation software?

Yes, at launch it will integrate with E6 and Awesome Golf.

Will MLM2PRO Be Compatible with Android devices?

Yes, MLM2PRO will be compatible with both Android and Apple devices.

Does the MLM2PRO work with a laptop or computer?

The MLM2PRO runs off either an iOS or Android device, not a laptop or a computer. You can use a laptop or computer if you use it with one of our simulation partners who has a computer software program.

Are there any drawing tools in the MLM2PRO app?

No, there are no drawing tools currently in the MLM2PRO app.

Can I run the simulator off my iOS or Android device without using a projector on net mode?

Yes, you can use MLM2PRO without a screen and it will just be on your iOS or Android device.

Is there multiplayer with simulation?

Simulation is currently single player and we hope to add multiplayer as an option sometime in the future.