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SkyTrak or Mevo+, which one is better?

Both SkyTrak and Mevo+ are equally accurate devices which we’ve tested head to head against themselves and tour level devices such as the FlightScope X3 and Trackman. Putting it simply, both SkyTrak and FlightScope Mevo+ are excellent units. Our side

Are there different types for launch monitors?

Launch monitors can be split into two categories; photometric and doppler radar. Photometric launch monitors, such as the SkyTrak, use photographic based technology to track the ball for a short distance (1-2m) then calculates the rest of the shot us

What is the difference between Mevo and Mevo+?

The Mevo offers eight performance data parameters compared to 16 on the Mevo+. Additionally, the Mevo+ includes an iOS simulation software package. The iOS package includes a lifetime E6 Connect five course package including Aviara, Stone Canyon, Wad

What are the yearly fees for Mevo+?


Why would you select Mevo+ over SkyTrak if you have enough space?

Ongoing costs. SkyTrak requires a yearly fee to access extra features and to connect to simulator software whereas Mevo+ doesn’t.Mevo+ includes more as a base package than SkyTrak.Mevo+ can be used both indoors and outdoors.

What launch monitors do 24/7 Golf sell?

24/7 Golf is the official distributor for FlightScope Mevo & Mevo+, Skytrak and Garmin R10 Approach Launch Monitor

What is a golf launch monitor or simulator used for?

Golf launch monitors are used to track club and ball data for each shot hit. Each model of launch monitor tracks or measures different parameters. With the data provided, golfers can identify strengths and weaknesses of their game, and focus on pract


24/7 Golf Simulator Bay Enclosures are an affordable, all-in-one simulator solution for all golfers. Designed for indoor use only – your living room, mancave, basement, garage, office etc. The 24/7 Golf Simulator Bay Enclosure requires zero drilling

Can you place speakers behind the screen?

Putting anything hard behind the screen which does not need to be there is not advisable. You could damage the speakers through impact or the balls may bounce back towards players through impact if it should hit any item behind the screen.

How much do I need to allow between the hitting screen and the wall?

The more distance the better, but a minimum rule to be safe would be 50cms.

Can I keep the enclosure outside?

Our enclosures are designed for indoor use only. Enclosures can be setup outdoors for temporary use in perfect conditions, but should be moved indoors after use, and should definitely not be used outdoors during inclement weather.

Do I need to drill anything?

Our enclosures are free standing and require no drilling.

How fast and easy are the enclosures to install?

Our enclosures can be setup and pulled down in 30 minutes!

Can I use a tee with my hitting mat?

It depends on the quality of your hitting mat, but generally, there are several tee options. You can push a regular tee into the mat, however, you tend to go through tees quickly. There are rubber tees which can sit on top of the mat, or you can cut

What accessories do I need for a home set-up?

Choose either Tablet or PC as your main software controller. • An optional laptop or tablet stand is recommended for convenience but not mandatory • Hitting mat  • Hitting screen or enclosure • Projector • Simulator bracket or holder • Software or go

What PCs are available?

Email us at [email protected] (US) or [email protected] (AUS) for recommendations

Hitting Mat 5ft X 5ft

The Sim Master hitting mat, brought to you by 24/7 Golf, has a long dense fiber system which absorbs and dissipates the blow delivered by a golf swing like natural turf. Use real golf tees like you would out on course! From a premium feel and experie

Do Skytrak and Mevo+ work off grass?

The Mevo+ works off grass, however, the SkyTrak requires a hitting mat. This is due to the different types of technology the launch monitors use.

If at a driving range and the person is hitting off a driving range mat (which can be one or two inches higher than the concrete behind the mat), will this have a large effect on the accuracy of the results on the Mevo+ (especially for wedge shots)?

There is an adjustment for tee height.

Can I use Skytrak or Mevo+ in a metal/ tin shed?

SkyTrak can be used in a metal shed as it uses high speed cameras, however, the Mevo and Mevo+ are not recommended in this environment. The performance of the Mevo's radar can be affected by excess metal and heavy machinery.

Enclosure Material

Screen Material: Dual Layer 3.5mm 650gsm air mesh combined with a high-density 350gsm woven polyesterPackage includes: Single-piece enclosure with commercial grade screen and click together metal frameVelcro Border Protection PadsClick-together metal

What is the difference between Play Package and Practice Package?

The 'Play Package' includes the course software. The 'Practice Package' is the driving range that comes with the launch monitor.

How much space needed between the enclosure and wall?

You put the enclosure right up against the wall.There is about a foot of space built in.

The distance between the screen to the projector

The best way to understand the distance between the screen and the projector is to check it in this link:. Throw calculator