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SkyTrak or Mevo+, which one is better?Updated 2 years ago

Both SkyTrak and Mevo+ are equally accurate devices which we’ve tested head to head against themselves and tour level devices such as the FlightScope X3 and Trackman. Putting it simply, both SkyTrak and FlightScope Mevo+ are excellent units. Our side-by-side comparisons have found the data of both units to be extremely close. Basically you would not select one over the other based on one being more accurate; we consider both units equal in terms of accuracy.

The main considerations when choosing between SkyTrak and FlightScope Mevo+ are the space you have, the material your area is constructed from, and whether you’ll be using the launch monitor indoors only, or both indoors and outdoors.

The advantage of SkyTrak is that it requires a relatively small space to set-up; you just need to be able to swing a driver! The disadvantages of SkyTrak include SkyTrak being an indoor only unit, the small lag between hitting a shot and the data appearing on screen, and additional subscriptions required to play rounds of golf.

The main advantages of FlightScope Mevo+ is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors off both mats and real grass, includes a variety of software and a simulation package free of charge as standard. The main disadvantage is that Mevo+ requires significantly more room to use indoors.

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