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WarrantyUpdated 2 years ago

Do your products come with a warranty? 

The 24/7 Golf Simulator Bay Enclosure come with a 1-year domestic use warranty from manufacturing defect. The impact screen is a consumable that will wear out over time.  

To prolong the life of the impact screen, it is strongly recommended that owners only use clean, relatively new golf balls with no marker markings, cuts or scratches. Markings and scratches will significantly increase wear and reduce the lifespan of the screen. 

Owners MUST ATTACH the included Velcro border protection around the entire edge of the impact screen (left, right and top) prior to use. Failure to use the included protection pads voids all warranties. 

I would like to make a warranty claim. What do I do?

Contact customer service [email protected] for USA clients or [email protected]  for AUS clients

My warranty has expired. Can I still make a claim?

Claims are accepted for 1 full year.  

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