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What features are included?

SkyTrak enables you to have your own practice range, target practice, challenges, play over 150,000 golf courses and enjoy your practice time much more than ever before. The most important difference in SkyTrak is its revolutionary technology to prov

What space does the Skytrak require?

The Skytrak can be used in a relatively small space, around 2-3m (7'-10') of ball flight. Ideal use is for indoor golf simulators, it can be used outside but the unit will need to be in the shade.

Software inclusions

TGC2019 on Skytrak

Device Setup

You can set up SkyTrak in just 4 steps!1. Charge your SkyTrakConnect the Micro-USB charging cable to the charging port on the side of the SkyTrak; the bottom LED light will illuminate yellow indicating the unit is charging. Make sure to charge your S

How should I place or how do I align my golf ball?

Make sure SkyTrak is raised level with the hitting surface.Place SkyTrak parallel to your intended line of play. Depending on your set up, this may mean your target is not the center of the net.Once SkyTrak is properly connected to the app on your mo

What kind of balls can I use with the Skytrak launch monitor?

It is recommended that you use a clean, white ball with a logo or a marked line. Set the ball up with the logo or line facing SkyTrak for better spin readings, whether indoors or outside.

How do I connect Skytrak to a monitor/ projector?

Use a Lightning Digital AV Adapter with HDMI cable to connect to your TV.  Connect the adapter to your iPad. Connect the HDMI cable between the TV and the adapter Use an HDMI cable to connect to your TV.  Connect the HDMI cable to your computer. Conn

How do I activate my Game Improvement Package

Game Improvement Package needs to be Synced to your Skytrak device in order for it to be activated. This can be done by activating the software through your Skygolf account at www.skygolf.com. You need to have to register the Skytrak device first in

How do I activate TGC 2019 for Skytrak

We provided a link here for a video on step by step instructions in install, registration and activation of TGC 2019. VIDEO HERE

When running TGC 2019, You get an error message saying "Skytrak hardware provisioning error"

If your Game Improvement or Play & Improve Membership expires and you are using a third party software (TGC, Perfect Golf, etc), you will receive a message stating your license has a provisional error. This simply means that your Game Improvement or

TGC 2019 - ProTee SDK not connected or not started

This is a security related issue. Antivirus software or Windows user rights might prevent the ProTee SDK from starting. Please go HERE for troubleshooting fix.

How Do I Update My SkyTrak App?

To update your SkyTrak app and firmware on an iPad, please follow these steps:1. On your iPad, go to the app store and download the latest version of the SkyTrak app.2. Open the SkyTrak app and connect your SkyTrak in either direct or network mode.3.

Getting started with SkyTrak and WGT

1. Download World Golf Tour from the App Store. 2. Turn on your SkyTrak and set it in Network Mode using the SkyTrak App installed on your iPad      (see Network Connection guide). 3. Hard Close the SkyTrak App (double-tap home button and swipe the a

What is wrong if the SkyTrak PC app states "Not Connected" on Windows 10?

This normally occurs because the "Rapsodo" splash/log is not being displayed when you open the SkyTrak PC App. In order to get the "Rapsodo" splash/logo to appear you have to install MicroSoft Visual 2012 on your computer. So, If you have downloaded

How Do I Use Alignment Mode in Skytrak App?

How Do I Use Alignment Mode in Skytrak?Step 1)   Power on the SkyTrak and wait for it to connectStep 2)   Launch the SkyTrak appStep 3)   Click on the Level Indicator in the bottom right cornerStep 4)   Turn ON Alignment Mode in the top right corner

Wifi Network Connection Issues

Having problems connecting to a network? Please click HERE to view this on YouTube.Alternatively,Click HERE to view the SkyTrak Network Connection Guide.DUAL BAND ROUTERS:Click HERE to view the SkyTrak Network Routers Guide.SKYTRAK WI-FI CONNECTION R

Does SkyTrak have its own power source?

Yes. The battery life is up to four hours on a full charge, and can be used whilst plugged in

Is there a SkyTrak 2 or second generation coming out?

There is no suggestion at this stage that a Skytrak 2.0 is on the horizon

What data does SkyTrak measure and calculate?

SkyTrak measures: • Ball speed • Launch angle • Back spin • Side spin • Side angle. With this data, our software is also able to accurately provide: • Carry/Total Distance • Offline • Roll • Flight path • Club head speed • Angle of descent

How accurate is SkyTrak?

SkyTrak’s accuracy has been proven against the leading commercial launch monitors with excellent results for all five measured data parameters. Our ball flight model has been tested thoroughly through robot and human hit testing for measured carry/to

What golf balls can I use for SkyTrak?

You should only use brand new golf balls of the same brand and type that you use on course. The better quality ball you use, the better the Skytrak will perform. The type and condition of the ball you use will affect ball flight data, most noticeably

What do you get with the SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan?

The SkyTrak Game Improvement Plan offers everything you need to practice, play and have great fun with SkyTrak plus it paves the way to add on even more exciting and fun golf simulation packages. Included in this plan: BASIC FEATURES • Practice Drivi

What is Wedge Matrix?

Wedge Matrix is an added feature on the SkyTrak app for PC, iOS and Android. It allows a player to dial in their yardages with scoring clubs. The Wedge Matrix runs the player through a series of shots including pitches, half-shots, three-quarter shot

What Skills Challenges are there?

SkyTrak's advanced packages include some terrific challenges such as longest drive contest, closest to the pin contest and target practice. Skills challenges can be randomised to use the full set of clubs and you can repeat them over and over to keep

What is Bag Mapping?

The latest version of the SkyTrak Game Improvement module now includes a new Bag Mapping feature. With Bag Mapping, SkyTrak lets you set up each club in your bag, determine your target gap between clubs, then have you hit each club. After each shot i

How can I use SkyTrak to improve my game?

SkyTrak provides the ability to see your shot data and track your progress over time. By understanding how your swing produces different ball data and ball flights, golfers can see how making swing changes or practicing various shots affects results.

Can I use SkyTrak indoors and outdoors?

We recommend Skytrak for indoor use only. Technically Skytrak can be used outdoors in a heavily shaded area off artificial turf, but do not guarantee it will work in any outdoor environment

What are the ongoing costs for SkyTrak?

The Basic included software has no ongoing costs, however, the Game Improvement and Play & Improve packages have an annual renewal fee. Additional software purchases may also attract additional ongoing costs.

How much space do I need for SkyTrak?

Technically, as long as you have enough room to safely swing a golf club, you have enough room to use your SkyTrak system. This is an advantage over some other professional devices that require more space. A guide would be:  • 2.85m or 9.5 ft minimum

Renewing your Skytrak Game Improvement package

(Activate Renewal from Website). If you have paid for your renewal and your SkyTrak Launch Monitor still shows your old expiration date, you will need to finalize your membership renewal. Connect your SkyTrak via USB to a compatible computer connecte

How to Hard Reset Skytrak and Fix Connection Problems

If you're having trouble connecting your SkyTrak to your PC or device, follow these steps: Please see video link below also to show how the reset is done.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eK_AXmdFqqc

Getting Started - Skytrak and TGC2019

Below is a video link on how to open and use your Skytrak and TGC 2019 software.