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What is wrong if the SkyTrak PC app states "Not Connected" on Windows 10?Updated 2 years ago

This normally occurs because the "Rapsodo" splash/log is not being displayed when you open the SkyTrak PC App. In order to get the "Rapsodo" splash/logo to appear you have to install MicroSoft Visual 2012 on your computer. So, If you have downloaded the SkyTrak PC App and have your SkyTrak connected via the USB cable and the app shows "Not Connected" please follow the steps below.

1. Click
 HERE to install MicroSoft Visual 2012. If you selected to download the 32-Bit version of the SkyTrak App you will need to install the (x86) file. If you selected the 64-Bit version then you will need to install the (x64) file.

2. Once you have downloaded MicroSoft Visual 2012 then go back to the SkyTrak App and open it. It should state that it is looking for connection. At that point, you can then proceed to connect the SkyTrak in either Direct or Network Mode.

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