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Setting Up & Aligning Your Mevo+Updated 2 years ago

The accuracy of your Mevo+ relies completely on properly setting it up. Using the FS Golf App, follow the below instructions to properly setup your Mevo+ for use with FS Golf and simulation software. 

1) Place a golf ball in the position you will hit from 

2) Place the Mevo+ 2.1m to 2.7m directly behind the ball. 2.4m is optimal. Don’t stress about the exact tilt at this stage 

3) Pick a target to aim towards. For those hitting into a net or impact screen, place a golf club vertically at the point where you expect a normal straight shot to make impact. For outdoor users, set up towards a distance marker or flag. 

4) In the top right hand corner of your FS Golf App click the “Connected” or “Adjust Tilt” button. 

5) Click “Target Alignment”. Vision from the Mevo+ Camera will appear on your screen 

6) Line up the golf ball and your target with the red line on your screen. If the ball and target are already matched, use the left and right arrows on the screen to move the red line. If the ball and target are not aligned, physically move the Mevo+ left or right, or by turning it, until the red line, ball and target are all aligned. Once aligned, click the back arrow in the top left corner. 

7) On the “Radar Status” screen, check the “Tilt” and “Roll” of the Mevo+. Optimal Tilt is 18* and Optimal Roll is 0*, but 0.1* here or there will not have a huge impact. Physically adjust the kick stand to alter the Tilt. Once adjusted, click the back arrow in the top left corner. 

8) Click the settings “Cog” in the top right corner next to the “Connected” button. For indoors use, or hitting into a net outdoors, select “Short Indoor” mode. For hitting into a net or screen 3.7m to 40m away, either indoors or outdoors, select “Indoor” mode. For use outdoors on course or at a driving range, use “Outdoor” mode. 

9) Click “Radar Setup”. Adjust the “Distance to Ball” to suit your setup. 2.4m is optimal. 

10) Tee Surface Height depends on what club you are hitting, and how you have your Mevo+ setup. a) If the hitting surface and Mevo+ are at the same level, and you’re hitting off the deck, leave at 0cm. b) if the hitting surface and Mevo+ are at the same level, and you’re hitting off a tee, adjust the tee surface height to the height of the bottom of the tee. c) if the Mevo+ is sitting on the floor below the hitting surface (eg at a driving range or home where you’re hitting off a mat), enter the height of your mat as the Tee Surface Height for hitting balls off the deck, or the height of your mat + tee height for hitting balls off a tee. NOTE: MISREADS & INACCURATE DATA CAN OCCUR IF THERE IS A SIGNIFICANT DROP IN SURFACE HEIGHT BETWEEN THE MEVO+ AND THE HITTING SURFACE (E.G MEVO+ SITTING ON A BLOCK, BOOK OR ALIKE TO SIT AT THE SAME HEIGHT AS HITTING MAT). 

11) Click “Power Management” to adjust the sleep time of your Mevo+. I generally turn sleep timeout off, but note this will reduce battery life. 

12) FS Skills Setup and alignment. In the top right hand corner of the FS Skills app, click the “Connected/Adjust Tilt/Adjust Roll” button 

13) Under “User Mode” click the camera button. This will display the image shown from the Mevo+. Follow steps 1, 2, 3 & 6 as listed above, with the only difference being you click the “save” button in the bottom right corner once completed. 

14) In the top right hand corner of the FS Skills app, click the “Connected/Adjust Tilt/ Adjust Roll” button. Under “Tilt - Roll” adjust your tilt to 18* and roll to 0*. Click the “Connected” button once more to exit this menu 

15) Click the “Settings” button. Click “Device Settings”. Select your sensor mode as set out in step 8 above 

16) Click the number next to “Sensor to Tee Distance” and enter your distance 

17) Enter “Tee Surface Height” per step 10 above 

18) For Sleep Timeout, I generally select the maximum, which is 60min. This will stop the Mevo+ going to sleep. Note this will reduce battery life 

19) For “Height Above Sea Level” select 0m unless you’re in a high altitude area 

20) Click the “back” button twice to return to the main menu, then click “Skills Assessment” to start your session 

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