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Renewing your Skytrak Game Improvement packageUpdated 2 years ago

Game Improvement Package Renewal
Renewing your Skytrak Game Improvement Package is fairly complicated but easy once you know how to do it. First, you'll need to go to their website and purchase the the product. You will need to Log In your Skytrak account first in order to purchase something.


After purchase, you'll need to activate the software for the renewal to take into effect. Please follow the instructions below, 

(Activate Renewal from Website)

If you have paid for your renewal and your SkyTrak Launch Monitor still shows your old expiration date, you will need to finalize your membership renewal. Connect your SkyTrak via USB to a compatible computer connected to the internet or connect your launch monitor in Network mode. Be sure the SkyTrak is powered on. Once the device is connected in USB or Network mode, your renewal will automatically update your SkyTrak with the new expiration date.

(Activate Renewal from Email)

After a membership renewal has been purchased, SkyTrak will send an Activation Email so that you can finalize this renewal on your SkyTrak Launch Monitor. Look for the email titled "Activate Your Membership from SkyGolf". Click on the "Activate Now" button from within that email to attach the membership to your SkyTrak. Once activated, connect your launch monitor in USB or Network mode so that the expiration date is updated.

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