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How should I place or how do I align my golf ball?Updated 2 years ago

Make sure SkyTrak is raised level with the hitting surface.
Place SkyTrak parallel to your intended line of play. Depending on your set up, this may mean your target is not the center of the net.
Once SkyTrak is properly connected to the app on your mobile device, it will display a red laser dot on your hitting surface. Place a clean, white golf ball on the red dot.
The intended target line should be parallel to the SkyTrak for accurate shot simulation. Recommend using alignment mode to check the target line. Either mark your line of target on the ground or the net you are hitting into.

Tip: Use of alignment sticks/ golf clubs increases the accuracy of intended line of play.

Tip: Being too far above or below the hitting surface can affect consistent shot capture and ball flight data. Recommended laser distance 11 ½” to 12 ½”.

Tip: For optimum spin results, place the ball on the laser dot with some kind of marking on the golf ball, such as its brand logo, facing toward SkyTrak’s lens prior to hitting.

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